A duo of misfits. A pair of hotheads. Welcome the Frontman JewelPods, the gorgeous and shameless companions for your Apple AirPods, inspired by great rock couples.

Designed to stand out

Designed to
stand out

You literally can’t wear the Frontman JewelPods and stay unnoticed. They are pure Frontman spirit: loud and beautiful.

Top Ergonomics
Jewel Pods are as light as they can be, designed to perfectly fit your AirPods.
Silver Body
JewelPods’ body is made of silver, with a wide variety of plating choices.
High-quality diamonds
Jewel Pods only feature VVS1 diamonds, with a high clarity and a sharp look.

Four models, sexy curves

The Italian-designed JewelPods are available in four different models: each model sports a very recognizable outer body, with curved lines that break the monotony of modern tech.

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Explore the JewelPods’ design in 360°, have a close look at all the details and finishing.

Find the JewelPods that fit your stage style

Discover the soul and features of the four JewelPods models. Each one has its own personality and can be ordered with different platings.

Johnny & June

Made of pure myth, Johnny and June are the shiniest couple of JewelPods, with three clear diamonds and a glamourous golden dress.

Yoko & John

Shining with love, Yoko and John are distinctive for their bright two diamonds and the sleek body shape.

Mick & Marianne

Made for timeless dreamers, Mick and Marianne are a hypnotizing thing of beauty. The wavy motif is their signature.

Sid & Nancy

Sid and Nancy are the nastiest rebels, with their sportier look, a single diamond and smooth shapes. Also available in black rodium.

Be proud of your JewelPods. Wear your sound inside out.

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